We're starting to update our web store with specific listings for rim halves in patterns we commonly sell. This makes it easier to order and saves the hassle of having to e-mail / call in.

For all international customers, you will still have to email in your order. Please contact us if you are interested in making a set.

BBS RS 16 to 18" 34 Hole replacement rim halves. Introductory price of $180 per lip, polished. These outer lips have a rounded "bubble" profile and are available in up to 18x6.5" widths. We also make "slant" style parts up to 3.5".

Link to product: http://shop.wheelflip.com/collections/recently-added/products/16-to-18-step-lip-outer-34-hole-for-bbs-rs


Replacement inners are available as well.

Link to product: http://shop.wheelflip.com/collections/recently-added/products/16-to-18-step-lip-inner-34-hole-for-bbs-rs

Written by Alex Zhao — April 09, 2016