New Product: 15 to 17" Stepped Rim Shells for BBS RS 30 Hole

Posted by Alex Zhao on

We're pleased to introduce a new addition to our online store. We're constantly working to create near off-the-shelf availability of products that we previously considered "custom" and required you to send us one of your centers in order to create new rim shells.

Our new proprietary lips / barrels will take your 15" 30 hole BBS RS up to 17". Some people call them "slant lips", "bubble lips", or "triple step lips". To us, they are just regular step lips designed with strength and maximum brake clearance in mind. Since these rim shells are still made to order, and done so with modular tooling, we offer the whole spectrum of sizing (from 1" up to however wide your car can fit).

Material: .190" 6061-T6 spun forged aluminum

Production time: 15-20 working days

Outer lips:

Inner barrels:

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