Comparing Volk TE37SL & Volk TE37 Saga

It's not often that we get to see an updated version of a wheel side by side. In this case, we have the outgoing Volk TE37SL and the current Volk TE37 Saga. Both happen to be for the 10th Generation Honda Civic platform, and both are 18x9.5 +38 in Mag Blue finish.

Volk TE37SL vs Volk TE37 Saga

On the left, we have the Volk TE37SL - a classic design made with the original "OG" TE37 mold. This one is specifically sized for the FK8 Honda Civic Type R and is offered in the highly desirable concave profile.

In terms of concavity, we can see that the original TE37 concave profile (before they moved to the Face-# designation) has noticeably more concave than identically sized Face-3 TE37 Saga.

We're often asked why the TE37SL is being phased out. Unofficially, it's because of increasingly stringent JWL standards which have forced manufacturers to make stronger wheels. More on that in a moment. The TE37 Saga adopts engraved logos rather than stickers. In my view, this is a far more elegant approach and aids in further distinguishing itself from replica wheels.

The TE37 Saga also has a lot more machining to aid in weight reduction. We believe the wheels are made stronger via higher pressure forging (more material compacted) and possibly more material left in certain areas. Despite the generous hollowing of the spokes, the TE37 Saga is still heavier than the TE37SL. That said, it is still a very lightweight, high end racing wheel. As a bonus, and perhaps more important than the weight, we can confidently say it is stronger as well.

Here are the results of the weigh-in:

 Volk TE37SL 18x9.5 +38 17.20 lbs
Volk TE37 Saga 18x9.5 +38 18.65 lbs


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