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Wheel Silicone

Wheel Silicone

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This is the wheel silicone that we use here at WheelFlip. After experimenting with many brands, we've settled on Dow Corning 732 for it's ease of use (non-messy, easy to cut and clean), quick drying time, and price.

We've mounted tires as soon as 4 hours after sealing (no guarantees here!) in a customer's emergency-before-car-show situation. In most cases, it is solid and ready for tire mounting after 12 hours, but that depends on the environment that the wheel is in. We still recommend waiting a full 24 hours, however.

This is the perfect solution for all you DIY guys and a must-have if you're purchasing rim shells from us as well. Don't mis-use that Home Depot bathroom sealant crap!

If you're interested in purchasing in bulk (10+), please contact us directly via phone or e-mail.

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