16 to 18" Step Lip Outer 34 Hole for BBS RS

  • $180.00

Direct fitment for 16" BBS RS, converting your wheels to 18" diameter. Rim halves are made to order and take 3-5 weeks for production, bore/drill, and polishing.

"Slant" style lips are only available from 18x2.0 through 18x3.5. Anything ordered outside of the aforementioned dimensions will be the rounder profile "bubble lips". They will never be mix and matched for one order. For example, if you order a pair of 18x5.0 outer lips and a pair of 18x2.5 outer lips, they will all have the round / bubble lip profile.

These come in a bright polished finish.

Material: .190" 6061-T6 spun forged aluminum

Pattern: 34 holes

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