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Volk ZE40 Time Attack 18x9.5 +19, 18x10.5 +19 5x120 Black / Redot

Volk ZE40 Time Attack 18x9.5 +19, 18x10.5 +19 5x120 Black / Redot

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A great wheel in any finish, this set of Volk ZE40's is an aggressive fitment for E46 M3 and normal fitment for E90/E92 M3.

18x9.5 +19
18x10.5 +19
Black / Redot

Valve stems included.

Rays Engineering has been working on a new forged wheel for the Volk Racing series, the ZE40! Utilizing the latest original technology, each spoke is meticulously designed to feature an aesthetic finish as well function. Center portion of wheel includes a new overhang design for more strength as well as a design point.

This forged mono-block wheel will initially be offered in 18in sizing with Japanese and European car fitments. The new wheel features machined logo finishes, anti-slip tire knurling, four different faces (including concave designs).

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